The Smartest Way To Manage Your Startup's Legal Stuff

A simple system to manage startup contracts, set up your data room and keep your company compliant, at a reasonable price. Get your startup incorporated and ready to raise funds in as little as 3 days.


Everything you need from formation to funding

Incorporate Your New Company

We handle Delaware C-Corp formation, conversion from LLC's, and bylaw amendments. We also do founder docs, initial shares, board docs - your whole package. We record easy videos with you so you can walk them through the process.

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Manage Your Partners And Teammates

Partner, hire, and contract with people safely knowing your IP is protected. We also cover some boilerplate docs like Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

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Raise Money

We have SAFE's and Convertible Notes that are Venture-Capital approved...automatically stored in the data room for the future.

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You don't Have To read a million blog posts

We did the research, talked with the VC's and startup lawyers - and have pulled the preferred documents for the industry. Accompanying every document is a 4-5min video where we explain it's significance from a founder's point of view in language you can understand.


Venture Capital Approved Documents

These documents are the ones recommended by the top venture-focused law firms. No surprises, no re-work.

Sign Some Documents and Get Back to the work that  matters

We make the process as simple as possible. If you want to spend hours creating custom legal documents rather than focus on marketing or product... Jumpdocs is not for you. Knock each document out in a couple minutes and get back to work.

Our mission

Help Founders Avoid Dumb Legal Mistakes

When we started our first venture-backed startups 10 years ago - we did it all wrong - and it cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Fast forward to now - nothing has changed. Founders waste so much money on errors that are completely avoidable. This is unacceptable and we want to change it by connecting startups to world-class lawyers.

"It’s hard enough being a founder. Let Jumpdocs take that initial legal stuff off your plate. They have made it SO EASY to get set-up, and set-up the right way!"

David Willbrand
(Startup & Venture Capital Lawyer)

"My estimate is their service will save you thousands in legal fees, which translates to it being essentially free to use for 2+ years."

Nicholas Potts
CEO and Co-founder at giftHEALTH

“Every startup company of almost every type has a similar setup and annual process from a legal perspective, this should take $4,000 to solve this...”

Brad Zapp
Managing Partner Conectic Ventures