Startup Legal paperwork, Lawyer Approved.

Startup legal documents are confusing, expensive, and feel like a distraction. Oh yeah, and mistakes can cost millions 🤦️
Jumpdocs lets founders cut through the administrative work and create and sign the documents that are deal-breakers for VC's - all from top tier law firms. Now you can rest assured you're covered, and get back to changing the world.


Everything you need from formation to funding

Form Your Company (Free)

We’ll create your company as a C corporation in the State of Delaware. Fill out a quick survey and we’ll create the legal documents, get signatures from co-founders, file the paperwork, and apply for your Tax ID number. If you get confused, we have 2-min videos to explain what’s going on in non-lawyerie words.

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Protect Your Business

Whenever you hire someone new, work with a new partner, or even get a new customer — rest assured that you have top-tier legal documents to keep your business safe — at literally a fraction of the cost of a law firm.

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Raise Investment

When it comes time to raise money — we pull together a world-class data room with all of the documents that top tier investors expect — in one simple and beautiful investor portal. Cap table, data room, and fundraising documents all in one place.

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An Affordable Way To Work With a Startup lawyer

As founders, we like to innovate and be creative - but innovation and creativity with your legal documents waste time and money when you need it most. Startup founders spend on average $30,000 in the first two years on ill-fitting templates that prompt second-guessing from investors and get in the way when you’re raising money.


No Legal Experience Necessary

We made Jumpdocs with founders in mind. That's why we created videos for each document that outline what matters (and what doesn't.) No need to Google or read blog posts. If you get really stuck, just click and chat with your real life startup lawyer.

Legal stuff doesn’t have to be scary.

We re-built the legal experience for startups from the ground up to set founders at ease. Designed specifically for founders with no legal background who want to build venture-backed startups.


Words from the Team

Founder Stories

What We Learned After Our Exit(s)

This post is part of a Youtube/Podcast/Click-able Blog Series called “After The Exit” — the show where I interview CEO’s after they’ve sold their startup and have them share the lessons they learned in blood about business, relationships, and life. Look — you can learn a couple tips from how they built it, but the real wisdom — the moral of the story — comes at the end — after the exit.

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Startup Formation

Should All Startups Be Delaware C-Corps?

Why are we even talking about incorporation? Why not just make money personally? The answer - legal risk (or liability) and taxes.

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Founder Stories

Sloppy Legal Lost Me A $1.5mil Investment

Jumpdocs comes from the real experiences I had personally as a startup founder. I have a particular story that illustrates this in detail - and painfully.

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Simple pricing

Monthly subscription. No upfront charges, annual filing fees, changes or upsells.

Bulk Formation

For Venture Studios, Dev shops, Accounting Firms, or anyone forming a lot of companies.

$150/mo per company.

One place to view all entities
All annual filings covered
Cap Table
Data Room
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* Bulk Discounts Available

Law Firms

We create your law firm's software offering. Free for law firms.

White Label Available
We Upload and Automate Your Documents
Lawyer Dashboard
Data Room
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Our mission

Save founders from avoidable Mistakes

When we started our first venture-backed startups 10 years ago - we did it all wrong - and it cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Fast forward to now - nothing has changed. Founders waste so much money on errors that are completely avoidable. This is unacceptable and we want to change it.

"It’s hard enough being a founder. Let Jumpdocs take that initial legal stuff off your plate. They have made it SO EASY to get set-up, and set-up the right way!"

David Willbrand
(Startup & Venture Capital Lawyer)

"My estimate is their service will save you thousands in legal fees, which translates to it being essentially free to use for 2+ years."

Nicholas Potts
CEO and Co-founder at giftHEALTH

“Every startup company of almost every type has a similar setup and annual process from a legal perspective, this should take $4,000 to solve this...”

Brad Zapp
Managing Partner Conectic Ventures