The Easiest Way To Generate, Sign, and Store All The Documents.

There's a finite list of documents most startups use. Rather than pay a lawyer each time - our subscription covers everything - the documents, e-signature, process management, and storage in your data room. Simple.

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Documents Included:

Here's a list of the documents included so far - we're constantly adding to the list based on what our founders need.

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How does it work?

We've made a process that is engineered for startup founders to quickly create, sign, and store the most common legal documents.

Answer As Few Questions As Possible

We ask you simple questions about the key questions necessary to generate the document. (We remove 90% of the details that you don't need to customize.)

Track Signature Status Of Each Document

After we send the document for signature - you can track signature progress and remind each team member to sign.

Automatically Store All Documents In Your Data Room

Instead of waiting to build your Data Room until your first fundraise - we automatically populate it with every document as it's signed. This saves you time and money when you'll need it most.

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