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Looking to raise money from angels, friends & family, or VC's? Not sure where to start? Look no further - with our Investor Portal we give you a landing page that you can point investors to that includes your pitch deck, data room (important documents), and the ability to SIGN the investment documents in one place.

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Investor Portal Includes:

We've put everything you need to raise money in one place. This will set you apart from other founders in making it easy and clear for potential investors.

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How does it work?

Here's how to use the investor portal.

Step 1: Meet with An Investor

You still gotta pitch. Hold (a lot) of investor meetings in a short period of time. "Wow" them with your charm. You got this.

Step 2: Follow Up With Their Data Room Link

Send a custom (password protected) link to their Data Room / Investor portal so they can explore all of the relevant documents and ask you questions in their due diligence. Not sure how serious they are? Restrict their access to "poking around" until they convince you.

Step 3: They Sign & Wire The Check

Once they're ready to sign, they just click "Sign" and sign your investor document. That goes to you to approve that they've wired your funds - then they pop up on the cap table. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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