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For Venture Studios who are creating entitites left and right - automate your legal workflow to save $100,000+ in legal and administrative costs.

Start a new company, cap table, and data room in 5min or less at 1/10th the cost.

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What We Cover

We want to cover the majority of legal needs for startups in their first 2-years. From formation to institutional financing.

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How does it work?

We Will Work With Your Documents To Automate Your New Company Processes

Email Us Your Documents and Digital Signature Account

We provide a list of documents we need from your studio. These templates will not be shared with any other groups.

Easy Stream-Lined Process From Formation to Financing

Whenever you need to create a new entity or add team members, use your templates with easy custom work-flows.

Manage All Documents in One Place
You can see signature status for all parties at all times with your own dashboard.

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