We've founded companies. We've made some horrible mistakes.

We built Jumpdocs to help you avoid the stupid mistakes that many founders (ourselves included) most typically make around formation, ownership, intellectual property, employment, fundraising, etc...


And Just like that... Jumpdocs was born.

Jumpdocs is a collaboration between the Ridenours and the Smiths. We were frustrated with spending collectively almost $1mil in legal and software fees across our 5 last venture-backed startups - often for documents that don't need to be that complex. As we consulted with other startups - we found out that most founders experience the same pain around legal work. We reached out to a local law firm with a startup practice, and found out that they wished there was a way for them to work more affordably with startups.

Since Jumpdocs was founded during the pandemic, this is the only picture we have of the 4 of us together. In order left to right - Chris Ridenour, Nikki Ridenour, Chandler Smith, Blake Smith

We wanted to make working with a startup lawyer more affordable.

We take law firm's best-in-class startup documents and automate them to make them more affordable and intuitive for startup founders.

We've tried to make this process as intuitive and enjoyable for founders as possible. The truth is being a founder is tough - and we want to make at least the legal and financial structure side a little more joyful. Thanks for reading this far - we'd love to chat anytime.

The Jumpdocs Founders